update: they deleted my article and i have since been blocked from posting on their page

hahaha i wrote an article about a stupid local pub that hand picks girls to go inside the club and how it’s misogynistic and i posted it on their page and they deleted it hahahahahahahahahahaahaha


Black Lips at Webster Hall 4/18/2014

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Edouard Manet (1832-1883), Lunch on the Grass, 1863, oil on canvas, H. 208; W. 264.5 cm

Green Jag.

Been thinking a lot about stereotypes lately

and conclusively, we’ve been subconsciously taught to kind of “abide” by stereotypes, even if we’ve tried to avoid them and I think what really holds people back is this unconscious favouring of some kind of “stereotype” and I think it really separates everyone from each other and it’s kind of sad that I’m only just noticing this now because high school would have been a hell of a smoother ride

spending all of my money on my fav tame impala record help

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Shell pink Fender Stratocaster

coachella is so surreal

Sonic Youth (1986)


Mac Demarco in pretty colors

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